Wayne Batchelder Pottery

Meaningful Experiences with Clay & Wood


I enjoy the process of making nature-inspired pottery, because it teaches me new things about myself.

My current interest is creating pottery and attaching sections of discarded tree branches that I discover during solo walks in the woods. I find the creative aspect of observing what develops from my combination of clay and wood to be peaceful and fulfilling. As I work I am further awakened to both myself and nature. I see my pottery as weaving a story that exudes truths and emotions. The clay is newly formed, but the branches have the honor of reflecting the vibrant life they once had.

My hope is that as you view – and touch – my pottery, you will hear the stories they are so eloquently sharing.


The cup can be more than a simple vessel that vaguely fits in a hand. It can transcend beyond mere utility and become poetry made physical, a prayer to an inner self, a totem to move us between worlds and help us find our peace … a gift to be given between friends and lovers.
from a potter friend

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